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Well, I won't write anything really interesting but you can still read if you want to !
Won't be doing anything for at least two weeks, maybe a month, maybe (unlikely) two because I have some big exams ahead and I can't fail !

Nevertheless, I thought of something which annoys me for quite a long time now. Be careful serious people when reading what will follow, this isn't meant for your grown-up minds ;)
In this marvelous group that is PMD-Explorers we're actually having this good story of a Banette named Gnasher who is actually Slasher revived. When I played poke games I had the same problem with ghost pokemons, ghosty ghost or just spirit-like beings ?
The group seems to have decided to make canon that ghost pokemon are actual ghosts... annoying me a lot I have to admit, raising all my questions, leaving a hole without answer when I (mentally) screamed my "eureka" !
Will follow what I do think, a lot may have figured so by now easily, but it never came to my mind. I do think that when pokemons die they leave some residual energy behind, this energy will then gather with some other deceased energy until reaching a certain amount.
This whole pack would then take possession of some object, or would take some gas properties (etc.) to make all the Ghosts we know. This energy would also not come at the same amount from everywhere and then only the main personnality would take over in the new body, but because it's not only made of one pokemon, the result nature would change, as would the perception of the main memories. Which would surely explain all Devonshire's and Gnasher's individual problems.

Some would nevertheless say : do you forget that Ghost pokemons can breed ? What do you say about eggs and those new lives ? I will just make some changes to the previous explanation. I don't deny, and who am I to do so, the right to Ghost pokemons to lay eggs and in fact think of them as some catalyzers. Most of the work would have been done by the parents and then some smaller packs, which could not make it into a new "body" by their own, would take possession of these eggs. The main component here was done by the egg's parents so the pack, whatever it was made of, would lose its right to have those precious memories but having a life is way better than nothing, or it seems so...

So this is how I see the circle of life in the poke world. To make a short summary : strong spirits make strong packs and then manage to create a new ghost on their own, full of memories. Smaller packs just can't do so and use laid eggs to live again, but don't have any memory.
If you have seen this idea elsewhere, sorry for the bis repetita. If you haven't and like it, share ! May it become popular ;)
Finally if you just happened to read this, whatever you plan to do, you have my thanks for daring looking at this lost page among so many thing on dA.

EDIT : And of course, I forgot something ! If you want me to draw somepoke, like what I've did in my gallery, I would be happy to do so after my exams. Having some training never killed anyone, even if I surely write better than I will ever draw :D



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